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Our site is a playground. We’re scraping our projects portfolio and blog posts in real-time from our social channels. Have some fun clicking on the topnav to organize our portfolio by channel. Have even more fun loading the site in your smartphone or tablet. We love multi-device aggregation—we bet you’ll like the way we think too.

We are PROUD!

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Digital design and engineering is our life. It’s what we do. It’s all we do. We’ve gobbled up more technological change and showed it who’s boss than you can shake a stick at over the years. Fact is, we’ve seen all the big stuff and decided that developing a small nimble company was the way to go. Our specialized group’s skill sets are ever-expanding in a controlled and strategic manner to absorb all that change and stay young while we’re doing it. Think of us as your bomb-sniffing dog of internet savvy; your very own Department of Homeland Web Awesome-ness.

We’ve been at this a while. Though the company was incorporated in 1996, we’ve been involved in the tech industry since the stone age – Apple Lisa’s? Yep. DBA’s? In our sleep. Thin client? We used to put that stuff on our cereal in the mornings. We’ve seen everything you can dish out and might even have a trick or two up our sleeves that you haven’t tried yet. Need a system deployed to bounce your thoughts off of satellites? Sure. Our Director of Engineering managed that back in his days at BMW North America. Easy.

Give us a ping – we’ll tell you what’s shaking right now and how it can work for you.

Curious? Got a good feeling? Feel free to reach out.

We would love to channel our design and engineering experience to your benefit by providing elegant technological solutions to showcase your Goodwork.

We can help you promote your efforts through online, mobile, and social media channels; let people know who you really are, what matters to you, and the good you do for your community – be it local or global. We achieve personal fulfillment and success through spotlighting your passion.

With 15+ years experience in internet technology, we can help navigate the opportunities. Put our natures as dreamers and makers to work for you; we are here to help.

Third Mind, Inc: Creativity + Responsibility = Integrity to the 3rd power

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Third Mind, Inc
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3rdMind now hiring

Are you a talented web programmer who's passionate about your work?
We're looking for someone with 2+ years experience with .NET, MSSQL Database. PHP, mySQL, HTML5, Wordpress/CMS/Drupal a plus. Some Computer Science education or equivalent experience desired. Good communication skills necessary. We are willing to provide some training to the right person. No contractors or agencies please.

Qualified candidates can reply here.